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Michael Camilleri


Michael Camilleri is a Melbourne artist who creates books, comics and visual theatre. Michael’s latest illustration work can be seen in One Minute’s Silence by David Metzenthen. His illustration work also  features in The Devil You Know by Leonie Norrington and on the album art and accompanying picture book for Martin Martini’s Vienna 1913. He lives with his partner Katherine and their son Ruben.

To check out Michael’s work and read some of his comics, visit

What other jobs have you had?

I’ve drawn for animated educational films and storyboards for ads, drawn portraits, made puppets, sets and props and I also direct theatre. I’ve worked in restaurants, hotels and cafes for years and years. I’ve also been a storyteller, a clown and a roving Santa. Being a fat Santa on a 40 degree December day is about as fun as it sounds, but it’s still better than being a waiter.

What themes are recurring in your work?

I’ve always drawn portraits, so one common thread is the drama and emotion that can come from people’s faces.

What have been the highlights of your career?

All my theatre productions have felt like milestones, but especially the first piece of theatre I directed in 2014 – hearing the audience laugh for the first time.

In 2013, holding Martin Martini’s album Vienna 1913 in my hands – finally having an artwork of mine presented as a perfect object. Completing my first picture book in 2014, One Minute’s Silence , the first of my work to reach a really wide audience.


One Minute’s Silence, written by David Metzenthen and illustrated by Michael Camilleri is one of the finest Australian picture books ever published. It provides a unique and humane perspective of the Gallipoli campaign by inviting young readers to see the conflict through both Australian and Turkish eyes.

Michael Camilleri is a  warm and engaging communicator who connected with a secondary female student audience and  motivated them ask a host of questions. Michael’s presentation in which he explained the development of his images seamlessly combined the disciplines of history, art and storytelling and was a great success with our students.

—P.Christiansen, Methodist Ladies College, April 2015

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