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Open Right

It doesn’t take much to make me laugh, and once I’ve started it’s pretty hard to make me stop. Friends imitate my range of laughs from the silent ‘you wouldn’t realise she was laughing except for the shaking shoulders and crying’ to the louder three syllable ‘ha, ha, ha’ which became a high school classic, and finally the ‘teeheehee’ which means that something I’ve seen is cute and funny all at once.

So I love that special time every year when I get to showcase my range of laughter in a variety of bars and venues across Melbourne. That’s right folks, it’s nearly time for the Melbourne International Comedy Festival!

Quite possibly my favourite time of year and a chance to get those giggles out before I have to calm down and get my sensible self on for the remainder of the year.

Most of you would know that we have some hilarious speakers on our books and some of them are actually comedians.

Sammy J and Randy delight us every year with their madcap adventures. Last year it was a bin-rage stake out and I’m pretty excited to see what it will be this year. (It’s called The Inheritance and you can get tickets here ) AND because they’re so fabulous, they’ve been awarded the huge honour of hosting the Gala! I’ll be glued to the telly.

Kate McLennan of Livin’ the Dream fame is going it solo this year with her show ‘Homeward Bound’ while the other half of the act is pairing up with another in the show ‘Plus One’

Also, before they head off for a stint overseas, the Anyone for Tennis lads will be delighting audiences with their new show ‘Comedy. Music. etc.’

Obviously a lot of these shows are going to be more MA15+ than the usual school fare doled out by our beloved entertainers. But hey, it’s good for the adults to get out once in a while as well.

-Bec Kavanagh

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