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1 August 2017
500 Minutes of Danger


Don’t have enough danger in your life? Well, thankfully Jack Heath has some for us – 500 minutes of it in fact.

Designed for younger readers, 500 Minutes of Danger follows 10 brave kids as they find themselves in 10 very dangerous situations. They all have 50 minutes to escape, and you, the reader can follow their story IN REAL TIME….

Bobby wakes up somewhere dark, cold, and enclosed. Has he been buried alive, or is something else going on?

Ella’s trapped in quicksand, and sinking fast. Will she escape, or will one of the predators roaming the jungle find her first?

Kelsey has infiltrated a top-secret science lab, where a giant remote-control crocodile is being prepared to attack the city…

These nail-bitingly dangerous short stories will fascinate and terrify for the full 50-minute countdown.

500 Minutes of Danger is out with Scholastic Australia.

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