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Jo Stanley

Author, Entertainer, Inspirational Speaker, Personal Development, Storyteller/Performer

Having started her career as a comedian, Jo is a dynamic and entertaining speaker. She has presented to schools, universities, conferences, the corporate world, and community groups. Her areas of expertise are:

  • Gender equality
  • Resilience and mindfulness
  • Purpose
  • Media
  • Personal branding

Where were you born?

I was born in Melbourne and, except for the first 4 years of my life, have lived my entire life here. That’s why I love AFL, accidentally wear black most of the time and always whinge about the cold.

What other jobs have you had?

I have been in radio for 17 years, and have done lots of TV as well, usually as ‘guest panellist on the end of the desk’. I have designed and facilitated workshops in personal branding, mindfulness and resilience. I also write a column for Sunday Life Magazine.

Before finding myself in media, I was making good use of my Arts Degree as an arts and venue manager. I thought that was where I would stay, fulfilling my love of performance by night doing dodgy stand-up gigs. But then radio discovered me, doing a dodgy stand-up gig.

What themes are recurring in your work?

I love writing about girls being strong and active in a fun and humorous way. But I also write about real life dramas – isolation, belonging, body image, failure and family life. I’m very passionate about gender equality and also about mental health through mindfulness. This is both in my adult and kids writing. I usually use slightly more grown up language for adults, but the concepts are generally the same!

What have been the highlights of your career?

  • Publishing the Play Like A Girl Series, and having the AFLW endorse and LOVE them!
  • Two number 1 breakfast radio shows.
  • Presenting a key note on Personal Brand at the Radiodays Conference in Vienna, 2018
  • Being accepted as part of the Ministerial Council on Gender Equality for the Minister for Women, Natalie Hutchins (Vic State Gov.)

What are you passionate about?

Being smart, looking for the fun in every situation, being an uplifting presence wherever I go, kindness and compassion, sharing my own understanding of mindfulness and purpose and how they relate to mental health, gender equality and fighting for the voices of women and girls, Collingwood Football Club, being the best parent and role model possible for my daughter Willow, remembering to save the best for my husband, Daz.

Haven’t I seen you before?

Yes. It comes with being on the TV sometimes. And being in radio, which is weird because it’s not a visual medium, but sometimes they put your face on a giant billboard or tram stop or even the tram itself. Sometimes you’re lucky enough to catch the tram that your face is on and that feels weird.

Anything else you’d like to share with us?

Whether I’m speaking to primary aged children about writing stories or secondary students about purpose and resilience or women about gender equality and International Women’s Day or Mums about resilience and mindfulness or a room full of bank executives about personal brand – I LOVE IT!



Jo spoke at the City of Port Phillip International Women’s Day celebration. As the ‘grand finale’ of our event, Jo delighted the entire crowd with hilarious and passionate stories from personal and professional experiences. Jo’s stories were engaging and thought-provoking, and all told with a heavy dose of humour. Our audience members left feeling uplifted, and we received a great deal of feedback from women thankful to hear Jo’s witty and unique take on life. Jo was fantastic to work with: she was adaptable, prepared, and professional throughout. Jo helped make this event one of the highlights of our year.

—City of Port Phillip - International Women's Day Event, March 2018

Jo was engaging at all times. She gave an energetic, interesting & fun session, inspiring lots of interaction from the kids. Not only entertaining, she also took the children through the writing process & introduced them to her books, leaving them wanting more! There has certainly been a rush to the school library to get her books – what better endorsement could we, or she, have?! Can’t wait to have Jo back again at Montrose Primary School!

—Andree Johnson-Clarke. Librarian, Montrose Primary School, August 2018

Jo Stanley was a fantastic speaker for women.  She was inspirational, uplifting and totally entertaining. We loved her sincerity and humour and would love to have her back again.

—Mornington Peninsula Library - International Women's Day Event, March 2018

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