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The Children’s Book Week wave has crashed over us and receded again, leaving schools, authors and bookings agents alike exhausted but happy. This year, one hundred authors, illustrators and storytellers conducted over one thousand sessions across the country during the last fortnight of August. The feedback is coming in, and we’ve been pleased to hear so many positive stories from school and libraries.

Lili Wilkinson

Lili’s recent visit to our school was an absolute delight. Our girls, who are already very familiar with her works were thrilled with the opportunity to meet her. The many sessions she ran were full of good humour and good advice. Lili is indeed an exceptional presenter and we look forward to welcoming her back. 100 out of 10!

–A. Kolodziej, Walford Anglican School for Girls, South Australia

Paula Weston

Loreto College in Queensland had Paula Weston in for a four day residency working with their Year 11s.

Paula was very generous with her time with the girls. She was able to relate to the students in a practical way to give them valuable tips for writing their short stories, based on a Brisbane setting. In her workshops with the girls, she showed how the perspective of the character in relation to setting was important for setting the mood. She read from her own novels and from novels she admires. We have promoted those texts in the library by way of public display. Hopefully the girls will feel inspired to follow up with more reading and to develop the connection between reading and writing.

–C. O’Donaghue, Loreto College, Queensland

Louise Park [PICTURED]

We got some wonderful feedback about Louise’s visit on Monday. A teacher reported that a group of year three boys, who are not normally interested in books or writing, were so inspired by Louise’s presentation that they got together at lunch to write a Star Boy, a boy version of Louise’s Star Girl. Would you mind passing this on to Louise so she knows what a hit she was with the kids here?

–Y. Greenhalgh, Stanton Library, New South Wales

Scotch College Literature Festival

The Scotch College junior school ran a huge literature festival this year, with a multitude of Booked Out speakers,

Hello Booked Outers. I just wanted to say thank you for all your organisation re our Literature Festival. All the authors you arranged were fantastic. They all arrived on time, prepared and the boys loved every single minute of the festival.

Thanks also for your suggestions re Marc Martin (sensational), Emilie Zoey Baker (the Year 6 boys are still raving about her session) and Andrew Plant who was also new to us (amazing presenter).

The festival was a huge success, mainly due to your awesome behind the scenes work.

–J. Pride, Scotch College, Victoria

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