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Open Right

This afternoon, our speaker spotlight is on the versatile and magnificent Bernard Caleo! ⁣

Bernard is a jack-of-all-trades, able to charm and entertain students in primary and secondary alike. ⁣

The master of graphic novels and cartooning, Bernard’s workshops and talks on visual storytelling are both practical and use the lens of the future to inspire. ⁣

If this isn’t your jam, Bernard can either talk on MAUS as a part of the secondary curriculum, or dazzle your students with his incredible Japanese kamishibai: traditional diorama-style ‘paper theatre’ with slides and storytelling.⁣

And if this hasn’t piqued your interest, Bernard can also deliver a science show alongside Lorna Hendry, based on How To Win a Nobel Prize, including real-time experiments and lots of fun facts to introduce students to the science greats!⁣

Call us on 03 9824 0177 to chat about availability.

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