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One of our favourite things at Booked Out is sending authors on tour! We organise oodles of interstate author tours each year, and 2021 is no exception, with 18 touring authors travelling around Australia over the year.

The inimitable Jack Heath has just returned from a week in South Australia, where he wowed his many Adelaide fans, and connected with hundreds of students over several days.

To read more, you can read Jack’s newsletter online here, or see below for an excerpt.

I recently returned from Adelaide.

I love Adelaide—I’ve been there lots of times, and every time I discover something new. This time I learned:

  • The buses drive above the ground on concrete rails rather than on roads, with terrifying drops on either side and in between
  • Adelaide has those zippy electric scooter things available to rent, just like Canberra (and they lock themselves and hurl you off if you try to ride one into Rundle Mall—the scooter is judge, jury and executioner!)
  • Adelaideans (is that the right term?) are all very friendly, but sometimes say ominous things like, “You can’t be too careful around here” and “Oh, I love those scooter things. Sometimes you don’t want to risk walking to the train station, you know?”
  • The teacher librarians of South Australia are incredible people, trying to broaden the minds of their students despite the resistance of (some) parents, principals and the students themselves (obviously not all students/parents/principals, but still, it’s a battle, and one not contained to South Australia. #studentsneedschoollibraries)
  • And that the only place open for dinner after 9:30 pm on a Sunday night is a mini-golf place, but the pizza there is way better than you’d think.

During one of my very early morning walks, I was also startled to discover a pair of breakfast radio hosts sealed in a glass box (they were in there for five days, raising money for Lifeline). Good on them! (pictured).

If you’re interested in booking a touring author, we’d be happy to help on 03 9824 0177!

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