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Open Right

Our star pianist Anna Goldsworthy will have a recording of one of her recent performances broadcast on 3MBS 103.5FM on the 27th February.

We are great fans of community radio stations in the office, one of which is 3MBS. When we can convince ourselves to turn of PBS 106.7FM, or take Neil Young or David Bowie off the stereo — we like to mix it up with a little classical.

It’s been known for a long time now that teaching about music develops meta-thinking in children (that is, thinking about thinking, and helping them to better learn across all subject areas). We think it helps those of us in the workforce too!

We represent a number of talented musicians able to visit schools: Anna Goldsworthy, Jeff Raglus, Frank Jones, Mark Carthew (for the young ones); and musical comedians Sammy J and the duo ‘Anyone For Tennis?’.

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