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David Lovegrove

Illustrator, Manga

David Lovegrove is a gifted artist who studied at two of Australia’s best art schools – The Julian Ashton Art School in Sydney and the Qld College of Art, Brisbane (where he gained his Master of Arts in Visual Arts). His passion is for exploring the ‘Way’ or the ‘Tao’ of the artist in the 21st Century, bringing together high skill and intuitive inspiration and freedom.

In his presentations and workshops he focuses on the cutting edge melding of story and artistic skill used in the creation of Graphic Novels, Manga and Comics and in Concept Art for Film, TV and Computer Games.

Where were you born?

12 midnight at the Royal Brisbane Hospital!

What other jobs have you had?

Clerk, Nurse, Police Officer, Truck Driver, Apple Orchadist, Bouncer, Gorilla-gram man, Missionary, Sales Rep, Lawn Mower Man.

What themes are recurring in your work?

The Warriors fight with himself, the possibilites of super human abilities, the power of kindness, the ancient arts of the East and West, the power of the individual to change society.

What have been the highlights of your career?

Flying to Dubai to draw my manga characters all over 3 brand new Nissan Patrols to launch an airline route to Tokyo. Creating art for Steven Speilbergs WW2 TV epic The Pacific and appearing in the first episode as a dead Marine! The Japanese Consulate General – Brisbane has invited me to run manga workshops in Japan Week for the last 3 years and my workshops were voted most popular activity for the week.

What are you passionate about?

I am passionate about restoring thorough drawing training to its rightful place alongside literacy and numeracy and about exploring the secrets of the ancient East and refinding the secrets of the ancient West.

Haven’t I seen you before?

I was one of the last contestants on the quiz show Temptation (formerly Sale of the Century). Years ago I was constantly accused of looking like Wally Lewis!

Anything else you’d like to share with us?

I am a very advanced student (15 years) of the Chinese art of Wing Chun kung fu and a practitioner of Iyengar (Hatha) Yoga.


On behalf of MBBC I would like to thank David for his incredible sessions with our students today. Not only did they enjoy themselves and have fun, they also learnt about many cultural attitudes, values and beliefs from Japan. Thank you for sharing your stories with us. We have appreciated your professionalism and creativity. Thank you again.

—L. Cadzow-Andreas, Moreton Bay Boys' College, June 2018

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