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David Lovegrove: Concept Art for Film, TV and Gaming

Session Info:

Concept Art is artwork created to help film makers and computer game designers realize amazing new worlds and characters never before seen.

The Concept Artist combines high artistic technical skills with the ability to draw convincing worlds and characters from imagination.

In this session we will learn creative approaches to inventing totally new and unique characters as well as believable worlds, habitations, clothes, vehicles and weapons used by the top Concept Artists.


  • Da Vinci – the first Concept Artist!
  • The power of scribbling and observing random patterns to generate unique characters.
  • Creating characters based on a personality profile
  • 3D Mass conceptions and how to light them
  • Using Mass conceptions to invent colour for your concept art piece
  • Useful principles of composition (putting the whole picture together)
  • Practical ways to train yourself to be a professional concept artist

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