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Ben Pobjie

Author, Journalist, Social Commentator

Ben Pobjie is the author of the Reality Recap of Australian History Error Australis and Aussie, Aussie, Aussie. He is the resident satirist for Medium and TV writer for the Saturday Age, he co-hosts the comedy podcast Gather Around Me, and is a regular voice on ABC radio,Triple R and 3CR as well as writing occasionally for TV.

Where were you born?

I was born in Canberra, though left when I was only 10 weeks old, barely time enough for the sense of smug self-satisfaction to rub off on me. I grew up in the western suburbs of Sydney where I learned how to wear flannelette shirts and ignore my neighbours.

What other jobs have you had?

I’ve been a supermarket checkout operator, a Dominos pizza delivery driver, a workplace safety video scriptwriter, and a game show contestant.

What themes are recurring in your work?

The hypocrisy and frustration of politics, the inanity of society and the media in particular, the beauty of pop culture, and most of all how stupid everyone is.

What have been the highlights of your career?

Having my book Superchef published, and becoming the weekly TV writer for the Saturday Age.

Where have your works been published?

In the AgeNew MatildaThe Punch, ABC’s The DrumCrikeyMeanjin,The King’s TribuneKill Your DarlingsGQ Australia, and The Roar.

What are you passionate about?

The art and craft of comedy, good writing, politics, the media and sport.

Haven’t I seen you before?

You may have caught me at a comedy or poetry gig, you might have seen me at my 2011 Melbourne Comedy Festival show Ben Pobjie’s Funeral, or playing the headmaster in the 2012 show The Bedroom Philosopher’s High School Assembly. You also could have seen me at the Melbourne or Sydney Writer’s Festival, or the Emerging Writer’s Festival here in Melbourne, or on TV on The Drum on ABC, orWeekend Sunrise or Today Tonight on Seven talking about TV and social media.

Anything else you’d like to share with us?

My special subject on The Einstein Factor was Monty Python. I once wrote and starred in a play called “Jesus vs The Koga Ninja Clan”, in which I French-kissed Jesus on stage, much to his surprise.

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