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Open Right

Are you currently browsing our list of virtual authors, illustrators and motivational speakers, but not quite sure who to choose? Jump on our Instagram and take a look through trailers instead!

With short clips from well-known and well-loved authors such as Tristan Bancks and Oliver Phommavanh, virtual trailers are a great way to get a glimpse in to what an online session can offer you and your students.

We’ll be uploading more trailers on the regular, so don’t forget to give us a follow! You can find us at @bookedoutagency. See you there!

Reaching Out – Booked Out is going digital!

From Monday 20th April, Booked Out will be running a range of online sessions as part of our new initiative Reaching Out.

We have a range of expert speakers with years of presentation experience who will be delivering sessions on a variety of topics. These will be high quality, engaging sessions designed by the speakers themselves with core links to the English curriculum. 

Online sessions will be delivered live through Zoom, Skype or whichever platform works best for your school, and will run for 30-45 minutes.

This is an Australia-wide project, so schools from all over the country can book any speaker offering online sessions. This is your chance to host an interstate speaker you’ve always wanted to meet!

Online sessions will be offered at a reduced price to support schools during these difficult times. Prices start at $250 ex GST per session, plus a booking fee. Some speaker exceptions will apply.

Many of our speakers have already signed up to deliver online sessions, with more to be expected. We have added a new category (‘Online – Virtual Visits’) to our search feature so you can now browse our speaker list and find the speaker best suited to your enquiry.

To see who is available, click on ‘Find a Speaker‘ and select ‘Online – Virtual Visits’ in the Audience, Speaker Type or Location categories.

We will organise these virtual sessions in the same efficient way we handle your in-person bookings. You can make an enquiry online or via a speaker page, send us an email at or call us on 03 9824 0177. 

We are hopeful that in-person school visits will resume in Term 3, so online sessions are a temporary measure to continue encouraging a love of literacy among your students.

This project is supported by the Copyright Agency’s Cultural Fund.

⚠ ⚠ Book Week Update! ⚠ ⚠⁣

The CBCA have officially postponed Book Week from August to the 17-23 October 2020.⁣

For all queries about your Book Week bookings, please contact us via⁣.

On the bright side, now we have 2 extra months to make our costumes even more spectacular! 👕👗🕶 #cbca2020

To read the offical annoucement:

Thank goodness for the company of books, for the comfort they bring. When there is no one with whom to talk, their pages invite you to wander inside, and when your own life rejects you, enticing characters open their arms.” – Denise Gosliner Orenstein

Happy Easter everyone! We hope you all have a very peaceful break, and try your best to recreate this super cosy scene.

With the announcement that Victorian schools will be largely online in Term 2, the next few months are going to look very different than ever before. At Booked Out, we have had to adapt quickly but we are excited about what these changes will bring.

We’re feeling confident that with some kindness and patience, we can all come together and make it a success – from teachers to authors, to illustrators to Booked Out ourselves – let’s be here for one another.

We wish everyone a lovely weekend, full of chocolate overload, plenty of cosy reading and good times with your loved ones (both in-person and online)! 🐰❤️🐣🌷

It’s a Booked Out bear hunt!⁣

For mums, dads and kids of all ages spotting teddy bears on your daily walk, here’s two more to add to your collection!⁣

Featured are the teddy bears of Christina and Georgia, who we suspect may have been brothers back in the day at Harrods in the UK.⁣

For those who want to know more about the mysterious bears popping out everywhere…⁣⁣

#GoingOnABearHunt #BookedOutBearsAreOutToPlay #StayConnected

You may have noticed that the Booked Out office is a little emptier than usual.

These are extraordinary times, so Booked Out is taking extraordinary measures to ensure we can continue connecting Australia’s best authors and illustrators with their wonderful readers.

As we ease into social distancing, from next week our small team will be working significantly reduced hours. Our office will remain open with a skeleton staff, but this means we may not be able to get back to you as promptly as we ordinarily would.

Right now, our priority is to reschedule bookings that can’t go ahead in the next few weeks, organise online sessions, and confirm your Book Week bookings. Remember, at Booked Out we are advocating #postponedontcancel, and we’re confident that your booking can be rescheduled to later in the year.

We thank you for your understanding, and hope that you and those you love remain safe and well.

From Monday, 23rd to Friday, 27th March Booked Out will be open 9:30am to 3pm.

Your bookings are safe with us.

As the impact of the Coronavirus outbreak is felt throughout the community, Booked Out would like to reassure you that your bookings can still go ahead in 2020.

In a nutshell: plan to reschedule, or consider a virtual session instead.

All schools and speakers are strongly encouraged to reschedule visits to later in the year, when we have more information and certainty surrounding the COVID-19 outbreak.

We are here to help, and are also happy to work with schools and speakers who would like to deliver an online session via Skype or Zoom or whichever format they prefer.

Booked Out are proceeding with Book Week and Term 3 enquiries as usual, in the hope that the Coronavirus emergency will have settled, and by then events can go ahead without risk to the community.

Rest assured that we are keeping a very close eye on each government update, and if needed, will revise our plan early in Term 2 based on the latest advice.

Booked Out are still here, and will be accessible from 9 – 5, Monday to Friday. Please don’t hesitate to contact us about your bookings.

Booked Out have made the difficult decision to postpone our two upcoming VCE Twilight Seminars with Maxine Beneba Clarke and Cate Kennedy, due to the current COVID-19 advice on social distancing.

As an alternative, Maxine and Cate will instead be delivering remote online Q&A sessions for 60 minutes. This will be on the original date and times as first scheduled at The Library at The Dock.

The in-person talks will be rescheduled to sometime in Term 2.

While this has not been an easy choice, the safety and health of students, staff and the general public must take first priority at this stage.

If you have booked tickets, please keep an eye on your email, as we will send through specific details to all who have booked either through TryBooking or directly through Booked Out.

Take care and look after each other during these tricky times.

We are celebrating International Women’s Day in style with some of our favourite feminist authors!⁣⁣
As a team of women, led by the incredible Lauris Pandolfini, IWD is very close to our hearts.⁣⁣
The 2020 theme of #EachForEqual is especially important. We believe in a fairer society for all, and intersectional feminism is at the core what we do in our professional and personal lives.⁣⁣
If your feminism excludes gender, sexuality, race, disability, class and education from the conversation, IWD is the time to reassess. ⁣⁣
We encourage everyone reading this to pick up a book by a feminist author this Sunday, and continue working toward a more inclusive and progressive society overall!⁣⁣

Books pictured: Say Hello by Carly Findlay, Not Just Lucky by Jamila Rizvi, Eggshell Skull by Bri Lee and Fight Like a Girl by Clementine Ford

Are we bursting with pride this morning? Why, I do think we are…

A massive congratulations is in order for the many Booked Out authors who are on the 2020 CBCA Book of the Year Notables list. You’re all winners in our eyes!

To read the full list of notables, visit

Booked Out authors include…

Well done all.