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Why choose to work with Booked Out?

At Booked Out, we pride ourselves on tailored service. Whether we are working with schools, libraries, councils or other clients we aim to provide knowledgeable and expert advice. Our hope is that the recommendations we make provide a perfect match for each given event, taking into account the briefing we discuss with you, the audience, and the context of the event.

This is why, when we receive feedback we take it very seriously—positive or negative. Whether you are a speaker or have booked a speaker, would love for you to let us know what you thought of our service. You can do this via our evaluation form.

In the meantime, please browse some previous testimonials about our work, from our speakers and our clients.

Testimonials for our agency

8 May 2014

Tristan Miller

Hey there Simon & Lauris!

I wanted to write and thank you for continuing to support me as a speaker. I truly think that I’ve become a better speaker in the last 12 months, as a result of being in front of more enthusiastic kids, among other audiences. At the very least, I’m more inspired to tell my tale as I feel I’ve had a positive effect on young minds.

Your bookings team are lovely and super efficient. I must say that your systems are generally better than most other bureaus, so kudos to you all for being so organised and a pleasure to work with.

I welcome the opportunities you give me and will continue to put in my best performance.

—Tristan Miller

4 October 2012

Manor Lakes P-12 College

I will certainly be using Booked Out in the future and will recommend you to not only the junior end of the school, but also the senior end. Thanks [Simon] for being an excellent person to deal with. Looking forward to dealing with you in 2013.

-Wendy Ballard, Manor Lakes P-12 College

24 September 2012

Sally Rippin

I have been with Booked Out ever since I was first published back in 1996. As a young and inexperienced author/illustrator, Booked Out were paramount in helping me connect with my readers as well as gaining support from teachers and librarians.

Booked Out also helped me supplement my then pitiful royalty earnings by finding me regular work, even at a time where author visits to schools were a relatively new phenomenon.

I am incredibly grateful to Lauris and everyone at Booked Out for supporting me over the years. Their knowledge, enthusiasm and professionalism is unparalleled and I couldn’t recommend them highly enough.

Sally Rippin

18 September 2012

Newington College Literature Festival

Newington College began a very productive relationship with Booked Out in order to secure presenters for our biennial Literature Festival six years ago. We have had excellent service from them over this time.

They are efficient in keeping us up to date regarding possible presenters and offer very relevant suggestions for new presenters with each Festival. Their accounting system always runs smoothly and we are aware well in advance of fees for both presenters and the bookings.

Simon O’Carrigan has always established a clear line of communication between our Festival organisers and the authors and he has relieved much of the stress surrounding the organisation of such an event from our end.

I would thoroughly recommend Booked Out as an agency that provides a wonderful service in facilitating that special author for your own special event.

—Sue Richer, Senior Librarian, Newington College, Stanmore, NSW

Sue Richer will resign from her role as coordinator of the well known Newington Festival at the end of 2012. On behalf of all the authors that have attended Newington through our services, Booked Out would like to thank Sue for her patronage. Sue has engaged a vast number of authors to speak to the students of Newington, and in an noteworthy initiative also arranges for a series of public talks during the festival. She has done a great deal of good for our authors, and for their audiences.

You’ve always been a pleasure to work with Sue, and you will be missed! Luckily, students and authors will continue to benefit from the great culture and institution that has developed under your guidance over the years.

22 August 2012

Casey-Cardinia Library Corporation

We have been using Booked Out for years, for adult authors and speakers, and in particular for authors during Children’s Book Week. This year we have used the services of Booked Out to book award winning author John Marsden, author of the Wonky Donkey Craig Smith [all the way from New Zealand!], Specky Magee author Felice Arena for a Read Like a Demon session, nutritionists Lola Berry and Arabella Forge, teen authors Lili Wilkinson, Cath Crowley, Jack Heath and Scot Gardner. I have found all the speakers to be of high quality and the website is terrific for searching authors by state age or theme.

Bec and Simon have been fantastic at sourcing speakers on a particular theme, or trying their hardest to fulfil our wishes (e.g. John Marsden). [Booked Out] are always prompt and efficient and very flexible. I particularly like the personal touch…if someone becomes available from interstate they’ll email out an expression of interest to Libraries.

—Cenza Fulco, Community Engagement Librarian, Casey-Cardinia Library Services, Victoria

22 August 2012

Sacré Cœur

You guys do a fantastic job. Every author we have booked through you has been brilliant. At all times Simon and Bec have been extremely helpful and professional.

Thank you all so much for making this such a great Book Week for us. Engaging authors, flexible with their needs and easy going.

Well done!!!

—Fran Penfold, Sacré Cœur, Glen Iris, Victoria

15 August 2012

James Moloney

I have had a wonderfully fruitful relationship with Lauris Pandolfini and her team at Booked Out since the mid-1990s. Over that time, I have received regular invitations to conduct talks and workshops in schools, libraries and seminars in Queensland, where I live, and also in Victoria which I enjoy visiting. All have been well organised and I can’t recall a dispute over payment or a crossed wire about times, venues or transport details. The team are friendly and I look forward to meeting up with them every August at the Book Week party. In fact, it has been a welcome highlight of my year, for more than a decade now, to spend the last two weeks of August in chilly Melbourne visiting schools and libraries on an itinerary organised by Booked Out. I wholeheartedly recommend them to writers, illustrators and public speakers seeking to build a profile and earn part of their living through similar work.

James Moloney Brisbane, 2012.

14 August 2012

Oliver Phommavanh

As an author and comedian, I am fortunate to be able to visit schools to educate, inspire and entertain kids all around Australia. Booked Out have made this possible, they have always looked out for me, taking care of every detail of my tours. They allow me to concentrate on my talks and workshops, and I’m thankful for their dedicated and friendly team. Booked Out make scheduling and planning a breeze, you can rely on them for unique and motivational sessions to make an impact in young people’s lives.

Oliver Phommavanh

8 August 2012

Alice Pung

I don’t know what I would do without Booked Out. As my books are on high school curriculums, they’ve helped me balance my part-time legal work with my speaking engagements, and sent me to schools all around Australia. Their exemplary level of service and loyal representation of authors is unparalleled. Lauris and her team really care about education. I am grateful everyday for Booked Out, they’ve given me an opportunity to teach and hopefully inspire students.

Alice Pung

2 August 2012

Andy Griffiths

I’ve been proud to be part of the Booked Out family for almost 20 years now. Without Booked Out’s help recommending and connecting me to schools in the early lean years I’m not sure I would have survived the slings and arrows of a fledgling writers’ life. Have always appreciated the enthusiasm, care, knowledge and passion that Lauris and her team bring to everything they do.

Andy Griffiths

31 July 2012

Steve Biddulph

Booked Out managed school seminars for me for almost a decade. We reached thousands of teachers and received wonderful feedback all across Australia. They are an ethical and thoughtful speakers’ bureau with a personal touch, and know the education world inside out.

Steve Biddulph

 31 July 2012

Michael Wagner

As an author who’s worked with Booked Out for years (without ever experiencing a major hiccup!), I’ve found them to be professional, well-organised and supportive. Their attention to detail and ability to communicate clearly means everyone involved in a visit knows just what to expect – and things, therefore, run like clockwork. I can’t recommend Booked Out highly enough for their professionalism, communications and care. They really do a brilliant job.

Michael Wagner

30 July 2012

Sammy J

The team at Booked Out are some of the finest individuals I’ve had the pleasure of working with. They are courteous, professional, punctual, and always on hand to assist. In fact, the only thing they won’t do is perform my school presentations for me. Despite this shortcoming, I would heartily recommend them to anyone who values education and ideas.

Sammy J

30 July 2012

Scot Gardner

[Booked Out’s] payment arrangements, booking etiquette, client relationships, grace with referrals, communication protocols and cheery demeanour are second to none in the industry. [They} have a fantastic stable of staff/authors/speakers/performers and I’m proud to be on that list.

–Scot Gardner

11 July 2012

Upper Hunter Regional Library

Muswellbrook Libraries wanted to organise a three-week series of visitors to their libraries, to celebrate the National Year of Reading. As is often the case with councils and libraries, the funding was received on a short timeline, so we had to help them select three speakers who would suitable and able to travel to the area less than two months out from the event. The library ended up booking Jeannette Rowe, David Miller and Michael Wagner (all of whom had a great time in Muswellbrook).

Thank you for your patience and assistance as we bought the event together with such short deadlines. Your staff were always helpful and everything came together extremely well. David, Jeannette and Michael were perfect presenters for the event, and the feedback from school staff and the children was all overwhelmingly positive. Thank you again for all your help, we look forward to working with you again.

—Terry O’Keefe, Library Coordinator, Upper Hunter Regional Library Muswellbrook & Denman Branches

Thanks Terry, we look forward to working with you again as well!

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