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Open Right

Ah it’s a cold rainy Monday in Melbourne Town, and the only thing that’s keeping the Booked Out Office running like the well oiled machine it is, is a bag of mixed lollies.

Well that, and there are some other exciting things that have sparked a few conversations over steaming cups of tea.

1. Festival season is upon us! The Emerging Writers Festival is in its last days. I hear the discussions are enough to warm the cockles, so if you’re looking for something bookish to do this week, check out the program on the EWF website.

We’re sad to be missing this tonight, but fear not! There are more storytelling sessions coming up at the Moat over coming months. If you’re house is cold and you want a hot toddy and a warm story, I recommend heading into the Moat after work to listed to Booked Outer Meg Mundell, who always delights.

And for anyone busting to find out what wintery delights await us on the MWF program this year, don’t forget that the schools program is already out! Did you know that the majority of readers of YA books are actually adults? So don’t be shy, head down there and see the numerous Booked Outers (too many to mention really) on the bill and share in some YA lit love.

2. The Prime Minister’s Literary Awards…

Awards make us happy and proud of the people receiving them, giving them, and nominated for them. Who doesn’t feel warmth for being told that they’re doing something so well??

So a special shout out to this year’s Booked Outer’s on the Julia’s awards list.

For YA Fiction “Pan’s Whisper” by Sue Lawson “When We Were Two” by Robert Newton “Alaska” by Sue Saliba

and for Children’s Fiction “Come Down, Cat!” written by Sonya Hartnett and illustrated by Lucia Masciullo

3.New things… We also love shiny new things, like a new scarf, a new piece of cake, a new toaster for our cheese toasties. Last week we had a visit from the lovely Sue deGennaro whose recent book “The Pro’s and Con’s of Being a Frog” is so beautiful that if it doesn’t warm every bit of you then you’re destined for a lifetime of chillblains and who also recently celebrated the launch of “The Emperor’s New Clotheshorse” that she illustrated for Tony Wilson.

Great for snuggling and quiet winter reading.

Hopefully this will keep you toasty until next time, and we hope you’ve got enough marshmallows to keep the hot chocolates sweet. See you at the festivals!

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