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Open Right
We’re delighted to introduce our newest speakers who are doing fantastic work by speaking out against gendered violence, and giving thoughtful talks about respectful relationships and gender equality.


Tarang Chawla (VIC & Online) is a writer, speaker and vocal advocate for gender equality, human rights and mental health. His campaign, Not One More Niki, fights to end violence against women following the murder of his sister. Tarang runs sessions on consent and healthy, respectful relationships.


David Leser (NSW & Online) is the author of Women, Men and the Whole Damn Thing, one of the most spoken-about books of the #MeToo era. David runs sessions in which he speaks about masculinity, the patriarchy and its effects on both women and men, the history of the #MeToo movement, and where the future may take us.


Get in touch about booking these excellent speakers, either by calling (03) 9824 0177, or emailing

This week is NAIDOC Week, a time to celebrate and honour the achievements, histories, and cultures of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

The theme for this year is Heal Country!, a timely call for all to reflect on how we can better protect lands, waters and sacred sites from exploitation and destruction.

We are privileged to work with outstanding speakers in a variety of areas – from advocacy to the arts, education and sport – leading the conversation for change. Learn more about our First Nations speakers here.

One of our favourite things at Booked Out is sending authors on tour! We organise oodles of interstate author tours each year, and 2021 is no exception, with 18 touring authors travelling around Australia over the year.

The inimitable Jack Heath has just returned from a week in South Australia, where he wowed his many Adelaide fans, and connected with hundreds of students over several days.

To read more, you can read Jack’s newsletter online here, or see below for an excerpt.

I recently returned from Adelaide.

I love Adelaide—I’ve been there lots of times, and every time I discover something new. This time I learned:

  • The buses drive above the ground on concrete rails rather than on roads, with terrifying drops on either side and in between
  • Adelaide has those zippy electric scooter things available to rent, just like Canberra (and they lock themselves and hurl you off if you try to ride one into Rundle Mall—the scooter is judge, jury and executioner!)
  • Adelaideans (is that the right term?) are all very friendly, but sometimes say ominous things like, “You can’t be too careful around here” and “Oh, I love those scooter things. Sometimes you don’t want to risk walking to the train station, you know?”
  • The teacher librarians of South Australia are incredible people, trying to broaden the minds of their students despite the resistance of (some) parents, principals and the students themselves (obviously not all students/parents/principals, but still, it’s a battle, and one not contained to South Australia. #studentsneedschoollibraries)
  • And that the only place open for dinner after 9:30 pm on a Sunday night is a mini-golf place, but the pizza there is way better than you’d think.

During one of my very early morning walks, I was also startled to discover a pair of breakfast radio hosts sealed in a glass box (they were in there for five days, raising money for Lifeline). Good on them! (pictured).

If you’re interested in booking a touring author, we’d be happy to help on 03 9824 0177!

28 June 2021
Happy Holidays!


Happy holidays to everyone who has just started their break! After a busy Term 2, we hope you get a chance to have a well-deserved rest.

If you and the kids are inside hiding from the wintry weather and need something to do, our kids’ authors have your back! Check out the videos posted by Adrian Beck and Nat Amoore which are full of fun and games.

We also highly recommend checking out the local library – not only can you borrow books to while away the time, many libraries are also running fun holiday activities to keep everyone entertained. Many libraries are offering click and collect as well as online programs for those living in areas currently affected by COVID restrictions.

We’ll be in the office for the duration of the holidays, so as always feel free to call or email to get in touch if we can help with any bookings or questions.

(03) 9824 0177

Join us this week in celebrating the courageous, resilient and strong people who make our communities great – our refugee friends and neighbours.

We feel so fortunate to share our country and meet on common ground, coming together to share stories, ideas, and delicious food – and in the process, creating a stronger and more accepting society.

This year’s theme of ‘Unity’ encourages people from all backgrounds to come together to not just survive, but thrive in inclusive and welcoming spaces for all.

We’re proud to represent many fantastic speakers who can speak on their own experiences as refugees and develop empathy and resilience in your students.

🔹 Abdi Aden

🔹 Sumaya Harare

🔹 Bic Walker

🔹 Najaf Mazari

🔹 Valanga Khoza

🔹 David Nyuol Vincent

🔹 Mariam Issa

Contact us on 03 9824 0177 to have a chat about hosting a speaker at your school today.


Over the next 11 days, starting tomorrow, the Emerging Writers’ Festival will be hosting 50 online events, performances and projects. The festival has moved entirely online, due to the Covid-19 restrictions in Victoria, so you can now access all the events from wherever you are.
Some familiar Booked Out faces will be appearing throughout the festival, including Tony Birch, Alice Bishop, Gary Lonesborough, Huda Hayek, Cath Moore and Astrid Edwards – aren’t we lucky to work with such talented folk!
Check out the full festival program on the Emerging Writers’ Festival website.

It’s no secret that we love all things literary! But did you know that we also represent some of Australia’s leading experts in better health and wellbeing for school students?⁣

These speakers lift the lid on topics that often go unspoken in Australian schools and help young people to navigate and understand the world around them:⁣

🔷 Lucy & Rosie Thomas launched PROJECT ROCKIT to tackle bullying, hate and prejudice.⁣

🔷 Jonny Shannon’s life’s purpose is to help young people and talks on cyber safety, drug & alcohol addiction, sex & relationships, mental health and resilience.⁣

🔷 Sumaya Harare connects with students from schools all over the country on topics of bullying and overcoming it, body image issues and integrating as a refugee.⁣

🔷 Benjamin Law writes and speaks on a range of topics including sexuality, bullying, growing up and unconventional families, and coming-of-age rituals in rural Australia.⁣

🔷 Dr Jodi Richardson is dedicated to elevating the mental health and wellbeing of others and works with parents, educators and other professionals to support students and children with anxiety.⁣

🔷 Chris Daicos is a trained teacher and social worker who has also completed the Masters of Applied Positive Psychology, using her skills to support and promote the wellbeing of young people and adults.⁣

And the list goes on! You can check out many more of our inspiring wellbeing specialists by browsing our speaker list, or get in touch for a recommendation.

We bet you didn’t think that was it for new speakers! The Booked Out family is growing a lot this year, with two new fantastic Victorian speakers who we’d like to introduce, as well as an important new session from Nikki Gemmell (NSW).

George Green
George is an accomplished motivational speaker with over ten years experience in inspiring young people.  George details his journey from the Hip-Hop industry to finding faith and his transition to successful children’s author.

Huda Hayek
Huda Hayek learned as an adult to embrace all the parts that make her unique. Hayek believes all children, no matter their backgrounds, can do this early and use it as a tool for success. The author of Huda and Me, Huda speaks to students about embracing difference, identity, belonging and using your own voice.

Nikki Gemmell has created a very timely and comprehensive session for students, titled Consent, Tenderness and Empowerment. Tailored to senior secondary students, the talk aims to empower our young people. It is about respectful relationships. Reciprocal relationships. Porn. Drinking and drugs. Having a voice. Control. Bewilderment. Generosity. Talking with each other, having your mate’s back –  and pleasure.

One year 11 student who heard this talk came up to Nikki Gemmell afterwards and said, “that’s the best Sex Ed talk I’ve ever heard. Why aren’t they all like that?”

We’re really looking forward to working with George and Huda, and seeing Nikki Gemmell’s long lasting impact on students during such important years.

We’re here for you Victorian folk!
Following the latest announcement regarding Victoria’s snap seven-day lockdown, the Booked Out team will be working remotely for seven days starting tomorrow.⁣
We are contacting everyone with bookings in the next week, but if you have an upcoming booking that you’d like to discuss we are happy to help. Please email us in the first instance while we work from home and call the Booked Out number for anything urgent.⁣
This is an evolving situation, and we are ready to answer any questions you may have about your bookings. ⁣
Take care and stay safe. ❤️⁣⁣
(03) 9824 0177⁣⁣
Today marks the beginning of Reconciliation Week; a time for all Australians to learn about our shared histories, cultures, and achievements, and to explore how each of us can contribute to achieving reconciliation in Australia.
The 2021 theme ‘More than a word. Reconciliation takes action’ urges the reconciliation movement towards braver and more impactful action.
In order to achieve a just, equitable, reconciled Australia, we must continue to provide platforms for First Nations peoples, listen and actively work towards justice.
Learn more about Reconciliation Week here: 
Image from National Reconciliation org, featuring artwork by Jessica Johnson of Nungala Creative.