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Adrian Beck: Writing the Wrongs

Session Info:

Almost all stories start with something going wrong. Then, usually, the rest of the story is all about the hero trying to make things right. Starting by brainstorming various ‘wrongs’ that might lead to a story, I provide a complete overview of writing through high energy interactive activities that are sure to keep kids laughing while they learn.

Kids learn how to create colourful characters by borrowing the habits of famous and not-so-famous people. Then we collaborate on plotting out a brand new book and participate in an interactive dramatization of transforming the concept into a finished book.

Drawing on my own experiences and writing, kids will learn practical skills and will be left inspired to start creating. Plus, they’ll have heaps of fun!

Topics covered

  • The Wrongs
  • Where ideas come from
  • Creating characters
  • Planning a story – the best bit
  • Writing a story – the hard bit
  • A book’s journey
  • Kids take Adrian’s new author pic / Q and A

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