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Open Right

Liz Porter: Writing True Crime: where to begin and how to continue.

Session Info:

A writers workshop for emerging writers interested in the true crime genre.


  • What’s the crime? The most well known true crime books are perhaps Underbelly and Chopper, but true crime can also cover historical and semi-scientific narratives.
  • What true crime writers need to know – your library and research tools.
  • Knowing your audience – who will want to read it? Who’s the ideal reader?
  • What are the recurring elements in any good true crime story?
  • The author – why should you be the one telling it? What’s the perfect story for you?
  • Before you begin – gathering specific information, what you need and how to get it.
  • How to begin – where to start telling the story (using examples from other books)
  • Learning from fiction – using fiction tools such as suspense in true crime writing.
  • Telling the story.
  • Planning and outlines.

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