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Open Right

Lee Kofman: Writing, and living, in multiple languages

Session Info:

In the increasingly multicultural Australia many of us navigate our lives within, and between, several cultures and several languages. Such navigation can be both difficult and deeply enriching, and being a writer who writes in a language that is not their mother tongue has its own unique challenges. As a twice-migrant and a writer who has never written in her mother tongue, and changed her writing language twice, I have a lot to say about what it means living, and writing, in languages you weren’t born into, and how this experience can enhance rather than impede our creative practice, and life in general.

Topics covered:

  • Migration
  • Living with multiple identities
  • Writer’s voice
  • How different languages can shape our lives
  • My journey as a twice migrant and a writer who has had to adapt twice to writing in a foreign language
  • My turning point
  • What I learned

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