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Hannie Rayson: Workshop: Characters in Search of An Author

Session Info:

This workshop examines techniques writers can use to create characters.

Do you look at a character you’ve created and think, she’s really the same person as the protagonist in my last story? In fact she’s really my mother in another dress?

Using a series of photographs of faces, we will explore ways of creating character.

Hannie will introduce you to some techniques to inhabit different people, to ‘see the world through eyes other than your own.’

What a person does, what he says about himself, and what others say about him will lead us through a thicket of contradictions that make up human personality. But we are not our own sole creations. We exist in relationship to others.

In this workshop we will each create a character and then pit him/her against another character, both of whom are determined to get what they want. Hopefully our characters will surprise us. They will be nothing like our mothers. We will know them, but they will not be us!

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