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Claire Dunn: Into the wild

Session Info:

Session Info:

Ever wondered what it would be like to step off the treadmill and go bush?

Claire Dunn did, and returned to tell the story.

Burnt out by her high pressure job as an environmental campaigner, Claire Dunn left her partner and her city life behind to embark on a year-long wilderness survival program. She trapped food, made fire without matches and built her own shelter, learning as much about herself as she did the wilds around her.

Claire’s extraordinary story of the joys, challenges and lessons of her bush year will provoke tears, laughter and provoking deep questions in audiences of all ages.

There will be plenty of time at the end to ask questions and further discussion on topics of interest.

Topics Covered:

  •     The call to the wild – the inspiration
  •     From city slicker to bush survivor – the highs and lows
  •     Breaking the addiction to busyness
  •     The power of nature to transform
  •     The personal journey – change isn’t easy
  •     Lessons learnt
  •     The inspiration for writing My Year Without Matches

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