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Shamini Flint: What’s It Like When War Comes to You?

Session Info:

On a rubber plantation in Malaya, on the eve of the Second World War, three teenagers enjoy their last summer of innocence before the Japanese invade.

Against the backdrop of the fall of Malaya and Singapore, the communist insurgency and the eventual Japanese defeat, The Undone Years is a very human story of love and betrayal in a time of war.

The war Malaya and Singapore has been told many times through the eyes of British and Australian soldiers who served against the Japanese.

However, the war from the perspective of the  ‘ordinary’ people of Malaya and Singapore who swapped British overlords for Japanese masters in a twinkling has almost been lost in entirety.

This book is an attempt to explain what WW2 was like for these people and how many of the racial and religious divides within these societies today stem from that period in history.

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