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Maggie Hamilton: Welcome to Girl World! Here’s How You Can Help

Session Info:

Life is tricky for tween and teen girls right now. In this parent and daughter session, parents gain a much more intimate sense of the landscape this new generation inhabits, and why many of the signposts we offer no longer apply.

Parents will discover why girls are so fixated on peer approval, why they often say adults don’t care, and why brand-name clothes and looking sexy are so appealing. Why girls drawn to ‘out there’ behaviour. Why depression, cutting, eating disorders and drinking are on the rise, and what motivates so many teenagers to lead secret lives. As the evening progresses girls will gain a powerful window into their parent’s lives, learning to distinguish between a child’s view of the world and that of an adult. They will experience what it means to see things from other perspectives, and how empowering this can be.

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