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Emilie Zoey Baker: Volcano Poems (Workshop: primary or secondary)

Session Info:

“EZB got everyone really enthusiastic – it kinda turned your brain on” –Lainey, Preston Primary

Using pictures of recent volcano’s in a slide show students are encouraged to use metaphor, simile, description and other poetic devices to describe the volcano explosion. What do they see in the smoke, what does the horizon look like? Does it remind you of anything? Can you imagine yourself there? Poems are created using these observations in a dynamic interactive workshop.

“EZB made it really fun – it didn’t seem like work”

-Zara, Braemar College, Woodend

Rusty Mushroom Cloud
Smokey Jaguars diving from the ash filled sky,
Running through the rusty mushroom cloud.
The lightning fireflies lighting up like the moon,
Next to rusty mushroom cloud.
—Jack (Yr 8)

Going To School
Going to school used be fun, it was like walking on bubbles.
But when you get bullied its like walking on lava.
People are teasing you that much you feel like erupting and running away.
You feel like you are a volcano not wanting to ever explode.
Your heart is damaged and has turned to ash.
Black clouds are forming above you and not going away.
You feel like sleeping all day but you can hear movement so you can’t.
Until someone checks up on you, all your bad thoughts are gone and a new style is in your system.
-Emily (Yr 7)

“Students were busting out of their seats to add to the discussion, it was marvelous to see, and for poetry!” -J. Taylor, Narre Warren North Primary


  • Simile
  • Metaphor
  • Assonance
  • Personification
  • The creation of poetry and the point of inspiration
  • How to find that inspiration in everyday life
  • How to think like a poet

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