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The VCE Survival Guide

Session Info:

When Kate was younger she wanted to be all sorts of things when she grew up; a lawyer, a teacher, a mechanic, a shearer, a professional netballer, a roadside florist, a horticulturalist – she even wanted to be a vet (despite being allergic to fur). Finally she decided on the very sensible option of being an actress. The only problem was that she was painfully shy and spent most of her time from the age of 15-17 dealing with bitchy girls, juggling after school work at KFC and generally being stressed to the point of hysteria about failing Indonesian, even though she had no plans to ever study Indonesian again. Kate was a bit of a stress-head, a bit of a worry-wart and when she came down with glandular fever in Year Twelve, she realised that she probably wasn’t enjoying High School as much as she should be.

But in this talk Kate shows that things can change; a shy kid can go to drama school, high school kids can make lifelong friendships and that it is possible to actually enjoy those last two years of school and get good marks at the same time!

Kate gives practical and funny advice about how you decide on what to do for the rest of your life (or at least a couple of years anyway!), how to spot friends who discourage you rather than support you and how to set goals and cope with the stresses of doing the VCE. All with the aid of funny stories, silly videos and audience interaction.


  • How to figure out what you’re good at
  • Dealing with the distractions – fitting in, making friends, dealing with criticism and social media
  • Things change – dealing with change; interest levels, bad results, illness & setbacks. Then finding positives in new possibilities and learning from your mistakes
  • Setting goals – self belief, making lists, every little bit counts
  • GSD! Getting Stuff Done! Knowing when to just shut up and do it
  • Stress less – introducing life-long tools to cope with stress and anxiety
  • Treat yourself – doing things that make you happy when you’ve achieved your goals.

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