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Open Right

Robyn Davidson: Tracks: The Journey, The Book, The Film

Session Info:

Robyn takes the audience through the journey as it was lived. Then came the photographs, the book, and eventually the film. Each iteration of the journey was a further abstraction from ‘what really happened’. Robyn shows National Geographic photographs and clips from the film, in order to talk about the differences among all the ‘versions’ of Robyn and of her journey.

  • Doing something against the odds
  • Self discovery and self proving
  • Not allowing nay-sayers to stop you, either out in the world, or inside your own head
  • Life as adventure?
  • Confronting fear and doing it anyway
  • When you write about something you did, in a sense the adventure then belongs to everyone.  It is no longer yours.  Each abstraction goes further from the original action
  • Learning that you are as powerful and strong as you allow yourself to be



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