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Dr Jodi Richardson: Thriving With Anxiety

Session Info:

A story of optimism and hope from an anxious achiever.

Jodi doesn’t recall a life without anxiety. And while she’s endured times in her life when anxiety has robbed her of much, over many years she’s learned to not only minimise and manage the psychological and physiological challenges of her anxiety, she’s learned the many ways in which anxiety has steered her towards a more meaningful life and, now, proudly thrives with anxiety.

Renowned for her ability to connect with her audiences, in this heart-warming keynote presentation Jodi shares her story in a way that invites audiences to recognise and better understand their own experiences and think differently about their mental health and wellbeing.

Topics Covered:

  • Early signs of what was to come
  • Insights into anxiety prevalence
  • How does anxiety show?
  • The anxiety dance
  • High functioning anxiety
  • Life changing skills
  • Strike one, strike two, third time lucky
  • When and where to seek help

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