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Meredith Gaston: The Art of Wellbeing

Session Info:

More than ever, we are seeking to feel happy and healthy. Anxiety, stress, low-mood and low energy effect us all in one way or another, and it is essential to accrue a toolbox of wellness tips, tricks and practices to help energise, comfort and nourish ourselves in daily life. While conflicting information in the wellness space can have us feeling confused or overwhelmed, the power of self-care and awareness is of far greater importance than ‘rights’ and ‘wrongs’. Indeed, we create our worlds with the thoughts we choose to think, the actions we choose to take, and the nourishment with which we replenish ourselves. With awareness of our ability to live intentionally, and to care for our minds and bodies, we blossom.

This talk captures Meredith’s integrative and inspiring approach to cultivating wellbeing in daily life, and is based on her international bestseller, The Art of Wellbeing – Joyous Living Inspired by Nature.

Topics Covered:

  • ‘Energise’. Approaches to cultivating sustainable energy in daily life through attention to the the thoughts we think, the actions we take, and the ways we nourish ourselves.
  • ‘Comfort’. How to comfort ourselves, mind and body, through stresses and challenges of all kinds, Self-compassion, mindfulness, rest and relaxation
  • ‘Nourish’. What are what we eat! And what we eat profoundly affects our health, moods and more. How to support our unique selves naturally for radiant health and happiness.
  • ‘Blossom’. Enjoying wellness at home, at work, and on the go. Living daily life to the fullest upon a strong foundation of personal self-care.

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