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Meredith Gaston: The Art of Kindness

Session Info:

In our busy and bustling world, real kindness is a breath of fresh air. A life-affirming, uncomplicated source of comfort and joy.

This talk captures the importance and significance of being kind towards ourselves, each other and our earth. Indeed, kindness affects the thoughts we think and the actions we take, our overall health and wellbeing, our self-image and self-esteem. Kindness has the power to connect us meaningfully with others, to make a positive difference in our relationships, and to change the world. There is no kindness too small, and kindness begins with us.

Based on Meredith’s latest book The Art of Kindness – Caring for Ourselves, Each Other and Our Earth.

Topics Covered:

  • Self Kindness and compassion. Why thinking and speaking kindly towards ourselves matters.
  • Connective kindness.  How to cultivate happy, healthy and kind relationships with other.
  • Kindness towards our earth. The idea that we don’t inherit this earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children. The kind, positive and everyday things we can do to make a difference to the health of our planet and those to follow us.

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