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Meredith Gaston: The Art of Gratitude

Session Info:

Gratitude is more than an attitude, it is a way of life. More of us are seeking purpose, meaning and fulfilment, yet we find low mood and energy, or constant comparison, stealing our joy. Gratitude is a real antidote to anxiety, stress and discontentment. It is a free and ever available resource offering us true comfort, abundance and joy.

To be grateful means to experience the richness and inspiration that life has to offer. It means growing resilience and perspective in the face of any challenge, and supporting our complete wellbeing.

In this talk, Meredith shares the transformational power of gratitude in daily life. Based on her international bestseller, The Art of Gratitude.

Topics Covered:

  • Cultivating gratitude in daily life – top ten tips
  • Self-appreciation and care
  • Wellness. How gratitude elevates our wellbeing. Gratitude as stress relief, gratitude for sustainable happiness and abundance
  • Relationships. The power of gratitude in relationships, what it means to be thankful, the importance of expressing our gratitude.
  • Priorities. Living authentic and joyous lives in alignment with our values. How gratitude supports us to prioritise and nurture what matters most.
  • Resilience. How gratitude brings us much needed perspective in the face of adversity or challenge.
  • Mindful living. Gratitude as mindfulness in action.

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