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Ailsa Piper: Talk: Confessions of a Goody Two Shoes…

Session Info:

In 2010, Ailsa Piper walked 1300 kilometres from Granada to Galicia in Spain, and she carried a swag full of the sins of others along the way. Each day she pondered and plodded—and tried not to sin herself. She failed a lot—and learned a lot! She returned convinced of one thing—that the real journey, the only journey, is the attempt to define a personal moral code, and then to live by it.

She also returned deeply in love with her “sinners”, and with the idea of confessing, as she discovered what had happened to them while she was walking.

What happened to her was pretty riveting too. In this talk she fesses up about anger, pride, lust and her own greed for the road.

She will also confess to her unhealthy passion for dirty boots!


  • Mind-full-ness
  • The code of the blonde
  • Commonality and difference
  • Walking in the shoes of others – empathy
  • Accepting – self and others
  • Finding a way that frees you

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