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Open Right

Ingrid Laguna: Student Voice & Finding Courage – Interactive Author Session (Virtual or In-person)

Session Info:

It’s one year since Bailey’s mum died. And her dad doesn’t seem to care much about anything. But Bailey still spends afternoons by the creek with her dog, Sheba.

Until Sheba gets sick—very sick—from something she must have swallowed while swimming in the creek. And Bailey notices all the rubbish polluting the waterway.

Between visits to Sheba in the vet hospital, Bailey tries to find a way to make the creek safe for Sheba and other animals. And through her unexpected friendship with Israel, a quiet boy who knows about endangered species, Bailey Finch must find the courage to take a stand.

In this highly interactive session, we explore themes from Bailey Finch Takes a Stand: the power of one kid to make a difference to the environment, finding your voice, and the way friendships can help us to believe in ourselves. We explore what it means to be in touch with your own internal world – your true thoughts and feelings. We share ideas on the writing craft such as what makes a good story, where story ideas come from, and how to create characters that are alive on the page.


Topics covered:

  • Finding your voice
  • Local activism
  • Facing fear
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Friendship & self-belief
  • Courage & grief
  • Creating characters

Delivery Platform if virtual:

Your school’s preferred platform

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