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Emilie Zoey Baker: Synaesthesia and Creative Writing (Workshop)

Session Info:

Using Jelly beans students are introduced to Synaesthesia, the mixing of the senses. Students use the flavours of the jelly beans to describe what the colour of each taste is, the sound of the smell and the taste of the sound.

Students then write a poem with all the information they have gathered, poems will be workshopped and edited together. As a group students will be asked to transform a boring sentence into an interesting one.

Example A:
“She was angry, holding tea.”
“Her brow stiffened and her fingers curved round the cup, I imagined the tea inside,
bubbling. Not fast like a kettle, slow, like a lava lamp”
Excerpt from a group workshopped sentence (year 11)

“I can’t believe I got to eat jelly beans and write about it, I thought poetry was boring but it’s awesome!“ –Cameron (yr8)


  • What is Synaesthesia (short presentation)
  • What makes a poem interesting?
  • How poetry can make your stories sparkle
  • Why mix the senses? What’s the point?
  • Identifying cliché and how to avoid it
  • Making a boring sentence interesting
  • Show =don’t tell.

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