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Asphyxia: A Sustainable Footprint

Session Info:

When Asphyxia set out to significantly reduce her family’s carbon footprint, she discovered that making a lifestyle change was really hard, but living with it was ultimately easy. Asphyxia shares stories about growing vegetables, learning to ride a bike after years of driving everywhere, and knitting warm clothes from the wool of her angora bunny rabbit.

Students will be inspired to make changes to their own lives, through engaging and lively stories of how Asphyxia overcame her own obstacles to change. Students will also discover how one small change can have a fantastic ripple effect that makes a significant difference for our environment.


  • The secrets to really producing food in your backyard
  • How to obtain and preserve local food
  • How to cut down on buying consumer goods and discover a magnificent creative journey in place of shopping.
  • How to live local and get around sustainably
  • How a cute fluffy bunny can provide clothes from garden weeds!

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