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Meredith Gaston: Successful Small Business – The Art of Running a Heart-centred, Creative Business That Makes You and Other People Happy

Session Info:

A more personal talk about Meredith’s journey and day to day life as an internationally acclaimed artist, illustrator and best-selling author of six beautiful books. Meredith has successfully run her own small business for thirteen years, and is passionate about creative living.

In this presentation Meredith shares inspirational and actionable tips for running a successful heart-centred business that makes you and other people happy.

Topics Covered:

  • How Meredith came to write and illustrate books.
On publishing and exhibiting locally and abroad.
On the wellness space and health coaching
Approaches to running a successful small, heart-centred business
  • Publicity, advertising and social media
  • Personalised definitions of success
  • Sourcing and enjoying the support of a ‘team’
    Self motivation and time-management
  • Balancing the business and creative brain
  • The joy of a creative life
  • How to turn what you love into what you do

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