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Open Right

Cate Kennedy: How does a story work?

Session Info:

Why is it that when I try to write a story it always goes wrong? It’s boring, it’s too long or too short, I can’t start it, I can’t end it, I can’t think of the bit in the middle…

I can give you a workshop that will show you how to write a story you’ll be proud of. I’ll use movies, books and TV shows you’re familiar with to engage you and open your eyes about plot, characterisation, narrative and suspense in a way that will inspire your confidence and get you started again. I’ll explain about the importance of redrafting, how to transform elements of your own life into fiction and stressing how only you can write the story you need to write. Understanding these principles will help you in all your other writing assignments, too.


What is a story?
How do we know?
How can I make my reader feel the way I want them to feel?
What common traps can I learn to avoid?
Character and why we care Action and dialogue Imagery and metaphor Noticing what matters in the world around us

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