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Open Right

Craig Smith: You Have to Start Somewhere

Session Info:

Craig’s presentations are about pictures, especially the planning and editorial process of making illustrations for picture books. He shows the planning and editing that happen within the creation of each single picture, as well.

Every session varies depending on ages, but will include at least one large ‘rough’ drawing. This highlights viewpoint and construction of a character.

He talks in detail about choices to do with approach and technique, as well as character development, composition, animating a character through movement and expression, and more.

He strongly prefers that the students have an opportunity to draw within the session.


  • The publishing process.
  • Roughs: A method for planning artwork.
  • The various choices an illustrator makes. From the obvious to the not so obvious. (Plus tips how to make them).
  • The role of pictures in storytelling.

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