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Open Right

Adam Cece: Spark the Spark

Session Info:

A introductory presentation, which can be delivered to medium to large groups, and is designed to inspire kids to read and write. In this session Adam discusses the books that inspired him to become a reader, and to start writing his own stories, his dream of becoming an author, how he got his first book published, and what it’s like being an author. Adam also talks about where his ideas come from, and an introduction to his personal process of turning those ideas into stories.

Topics covered:

  • The books that inspired me—with a quiz.
  • The importance of the opening line, and my all-time favourite opening lines.
  • Becoming an author/the importance of perseverance.
  • Publishing a book.
  • Being an author.
  • Where I get my ideas from—including the unexpected idea that lead to my very first published book.
  • How to turn ideas into stories.
  • How to turn stories into books.

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