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Open Right

Alex Dekker: How a simple lasagne started a new movement

Session Info:

At the start of Covid in 2020, I was doing what most 20-year-olds do.  Studying and having fun.  One day, my sister worked who was working on the frontline at Monash Hospital as a doctor, complained about not having enough to eat in her busy schedule.  Happily, I offered to make her a lasagne.

Today that lasagne has grown into me heading a movement hungry for change.

Alex Makes Meals now delivers around 4,000 meals to those in need.

I was only 20 but I made this happen.  It’s been hard  work, but I believe I can show others how if they have an idea, they can run with it and make a difference.

Topics covered:

  • Making a difference
  • Getting off your arse and turning an idea into a reality
  • Challenges young people can face and how to change the perception
  • Social impact and being a force for good


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