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Open Right

Chris Miles: Secret agent stories: writing for Zac Power

Session Info:

Only a handful of authors have had the privilege of donning the H.I. Larry disguise and writing for the Zac Power series. Chris talks about how he came to write Zac’s Ultimate Mission, an epic adventure featuring all of Zac’s worst enemies! Enter a world of secrets as Chris explains all the hidden references to past Zac Power books in Ultimate Mission (students get to match illustrations of gadgets and characters from Ultimate Mission with the Zac Power books they originally appeared in), reveals some of the ideas for Zac Power adventures that never made it to the page, and talks about how writing for characters invented by other people can give you the practise you need to create characters and stories of your own.


  • What it means to be a ‘ghostwriter’
  • Planning a story
  • Writing mystery and action-adventure
  • Writing for existing characters (‘fan-fiction’ as a starting point for kids learning to be writers)

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