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Patrick Guest: The Second Sky – early primary

Session Info:

An interactive, heartfelt reading of Patrick’s CBCA shortlisted book The Second Sky which is about big dreams and holding onto hope.

The session opens with a question: Who has a big dream?

After going around the room, Patrick shares his own dreams from when he was at Primary School – to fly and to be a footy star – and how becoming an author is, surprisingly, even better.

This touches on a central theme of the book:

Sometimes our best dreams are the ones we haven’t dreamt yet.

The reading that follows is accompanied by a stirring soundtrack – ‘The Arrival of the Birds.’

The soundtrack and reading stops with the arrival of Uncle Crabstick and Aunty Anchovie (students selected from the crowd and dressed up). These characters turn to the audience and cry ‘Give it Up!’. This leads to a discussion about how best to respond to the negative forces in our lives.

As the story and soundtrack continues, the Wandering Albatross (a teacher pre-selected and dressed up with flowing wings) comes gliding across the stage.

The story continues and concludes with a reflection about the hidden dreams inside our hearts – dreams that will be revealed as we journey in life and keep reaching for the sky.

Topics covered:

  • Resilience
  • Hopes and dreams
  • The Power of positivity

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