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Patrick Guest: The Ricker Racker Extravaganza

Session Info:

A fun, raucous interactive reading of The Ricker Racker Club

The session opens with a question: Who here is in a club?

The whole school is then given the opportunity to join the world famous Ricker Racker Club (invented by Patrick’s children) if, and ONLY if they can pass a series of tests.

Patrick then reads the book, and invites students up on stage to perform a series of imaginary brave deeds.

  •  Putting head in a fox hole for 10 seconds
  • Walking through spiderweb forest
  • Jumping over fingerbone creek

Then the wolf (teacher preselected and suitably dressed up) amid squeals from the crowd and students are invited to rescue items from the wolf’s clutches.

As we approach the climax, Patrick points to our villain (the wolf) and asks: What is the best way to destroy our enemy?

After a series of invariably violent suggestions, the favoured answer is: “The best way to destroy our enemy is to make our enemy our friend.”

A volunteer from the crowd is then invited to give the wolf a hug – and our villain turns into a playful puppy dog.

At the end the story, Patrick congratulates the school HOWEVER he issues two final challenges – only to be attempted by the super-brave and super-kind.

These challenges may or may not involve a tomato sauce milkshake (and a serious warning against succumbing to peer group pressure).

The session concludes with the official initiation ceremony for the whole school, whereby everyone learns:

  •   The secret password
  •   The secret handshake
  •   The secret silly dance

These sessions have been wildly successful for the past 2 years and can form an unforgettable team bonding session for the whole school.

Topics covered:

  • Acceptance of difference
  • Courage comes in many forms
  • The power of kindness
  • The Great outdoors
  • The joys of being a kid and taking risks


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