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Sheree Marris: Putting the sexy back into science

Session Info:

A career in science is no longer nerdy and it’s not all about being stuck in a lab watching chemical reactions boil and bubble. The applications are endless and the opportunities it can take you are only limited by your imagination.

My laboratory is different every day. It could be snorkeling amongst mangroves observing how the world’s most venomous jellyfish fish for other fish or working with youth in remote communities in Micronesia setting up marine protected areas.

My current research includes how sea creatures reproduce. Here fathers give birth to the young, lovers bite on and never let go and animals literally rip themselves in two all in the name of reproduction.

This talk is complimented with stunning underwater photography and cinematography.


  • What is science?
  • Dispelling the myths of what a career in science means.
  • Opportunities of where a career in science can take you.
  • Explore how science can be applied to any interests students have.

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