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Open Right

Neridah McMullin: Ponkidoodle

Session Info:

This is an interactive session where I explain the story of Ponkidoodle and the writing and publishing process.

Topics Covered

  • Who is Ponkidoodle?
  • What does Ponkidoodle do?
  • Where do I get my ideas from?
  • How did I write Ponkidoodle?
  • How did we design the Ponkidoodle book?
  • How did I publish Ponkidoodle?

There are twelve literacy and numeracy Ponkidoodle games to play. In consultation with the teacher(s)/school contact, we will choose one or two to do with the children prior to my school visit.

  • Roll the dice and create your own Ponkidoodle
  • What was Ponkidoodle doing to make those noises?
  • Ponkidoodle noises in the night
  • Ponkidoodle’s hiding places
  • Draw your own Ponkidoodle
  • Ponkidoodle accidents
  • Funky Ponkidoodle dance
  • Sliding down the wall game
  • Acting like Ponkidoodle
  • Make Ponkidoodle noise!
  • Describe what Ponkidoodle looks like?
  • Acrostic Ponkidoodle Poem

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