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Open Right

Linda Jaivin: Passion on the Page – A guide for literary subversives

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When you’re passionate about an issue, whether it’s animal rights, climate change, refugees, religion feminism, or surf clubs – you want to get people’s attention and persuade them to consider your point of view. But persuasion is not haranguing, hectoring or lecturing. It must be far more artful and interesting than that, for both your reader’s sake – and you. There are many different ways you can get your point across as well – essays are one, but don’t forget that fiction – stories – can leave an indelible impression as well.


How to write for people who don’t necessarily share the same beliefs The difference between preaching and persuading * Taking the ‘other side’ seriously: showing the same respect you would expect from them. * Playing the ball, not the player * The power of story

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