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Dr Joanne Orlando (PhD, M.Ed, B.Ed): ONLINE STUDENTS – Super focus: How to stay focused when you’re surrounded by digital distraction

Session Info:

Do you struggle to answer, “What have I actually achieved today?” Do you constantly get side-tracked by incoming texts? Do you quickly check social media feeds (again), only to realise that you’ve spent an hour on TikTok?

Managing your digital distraction like a pro is a super skill we all need. A whopping 85% of us say we feel physically and emotionally drained from so many digital disruptions, and experience more stress, higher frustration and time pressure because we feel like we can never catch up.

Understanding the distraction type you are is key to managing it. In this talk you’ll have the opportunity to examine your digital practices, identify your distraction type, and learn the strategies you can use that will genuinely help you to finish tasks and concentrate for longer.
In this talk you’ll learn:
  • Which types of digital distractions impact you the most:
      • emotional distraction,
      • physical obsession,
      • distraction by procrastination.
  • What make us more prone to different types of digital distractions.
  • The impact digital distractions and multitasking have on our brain and wellbeing.
  • How to manage these: “I can’t focus for more than 5 minutes”, “I can’t focus on one thing”, “I promise to focus then forget to”, “I can’t finish anything”.
  • How our emotional and intellectual reliance on technology is often the reason for our digital distraction.
  • Clever hacks to stay more focused at school, be more present when you’re with others, and get things done.

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