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Dr Joanne Orlando (PhD, M.Ed, B.Ed): ONLINE STUDENTS – Dialing Down Excessive Technology Habits

Session Info:

Have you ever picked up your phone without even realising that you have? Are staying up late to online shop while binge-watching another series? Are you waking up during the night to scroll social media, and always pressing ‘ignore’ on your screen time app? If so then you are not alone. On average teenagers check their phone every 12 minutes, touch their phone over 2500 times per day and 60% admit that they use their phone too much. Almost all single out passive scrolling as the digital behaviour they want to stop.

Technology is no longer something we own it has become part of who we are. In this talk I’ll delve deep into science and psychology to help you understand your relationship with technology, the real reasons you use it in the ways you do, and the best changes to make to your technology habits that will help you be more present and in control with technology.

You’ll learn:

  • the science behind the habits we have developed with technology
  • the most digital common habits we have – good and bad
  • the factors that have the most influence on our technology use
  • how and why, we use technology as our ‘adult teddy’
  • the ‘dark patterns’ that websites use to keep us clicking.

Measuring against 5 pillars of Digital Wellbeing you’ll:

  • self-assess which of your digital habits are making you feel good and which ones are negatively impacting yourself or others
  • identify changes to make to your technology uses that will help you manage the challenges it poses to your focus, connection with others, achieving your goals
  • identify changes to make to your technology use that will leverage the amazing opportunities it holds and will have a positive impact on you.

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