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Dr Joanne Orlando (PhD, M.Ed, B.Ed): ONLINE STAFF – Dialing Down Students’ Excessive Technology Habits

Session Info:

Many young people have unthinkingly fallen into technology habits and engage in online activities that they find difficult to manage. As a result, their everyday home uses of technology are causing significant tension to themselves and others, including their school, family, and relationships. Schools are increasingly spending significant time and effort resolving these issues.

Based on my 15+ years of cutting edge research on young people’s uses of technology, this talk provides schools with the key insight needed to forge new, proactive approaches to guiding and resolving students’ out of control technology habits.

In this talk you will learn:

  • which technology uses are causing tension for young people, and which are having a positive impact on them
  • how Covid has changed the digital habits of young people
  • how the school-student-parent nexus regarding students’ digital habits is impacting schools
  • new evidenced-based strategies for schools to break out of the stressful cycle of resolving students’ home technology issues
  • new school approaches to parent education that support parents to manage their child’s manage technology use with confidence in the home.

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