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Open Right

Louise Park: Online Session: What do Zac Power Test Drives and D-Bot Squad have in common? ADVENTURE!

Session Info:

A ‘write your own adventure’ workshop by the queen of action-packed missions!

Could you be the next member of D-Bot Squad? Take the driver’s seat and learn to write your own action-packed adventure. You’ll use a five-step plan to create your own story and design your very own dino-bot built for catching real dinosaurs. Buckle up for 45 minutes of adventure, creativity and fun!

Topics covered

  • Use a five-step plan to plot a grand adventure
  • Design and build a dino-bot equipped for catching the real dinosaur in your story
  • Learn how to make trouble for your character and why
  • Learn about characterization and how to use it to create suspense and drama in your story

Delivery platform

Skype or Zoom

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