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Online Session: Year 9 DARTA Workshop

Session Info:

This DARTA session will be made available in an online format during this time for current bookings and will be a condensed version of the existing program.

This workshop has been developed to complement the DARTA presentations that Paul Dillon presents to the Year 10-12, staff and parents. It aims to educate and empower young people so as to encourage safe behaviour while socialising and reduce the risks of alcohol-related harm.

Some of the topics covered in this session include:

  • an acknowledgement of social distancing restrictions and that young people are currently socialising with their friends in a different way, i.e., online
  • importance of looking after themselves and their friends in today’s world and how vital it is to get assistance if it is needed
  • promote positive norms, i.e., that most Year 9 students do not drink alcohol
  • that there are no safe places to be drunk and all environments entail a certain degree of risk
  • that a Year 9 student is not able to look after a drunk person on their own and will need to seek assistance.

Delivery platform

Flexible depending on the client’s requirements but prefer Zoom Webinar or Microsoft Teams.

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