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Melissa Keil: Online Session: Writing conflict (writing workshop)

Session Info:

Conflict is the engine that drives a story – it’s all about setting problems and obstacles for your characters, and then figuring out how (and if!) your characters are going to solve those problems. Conflict is a key ingredient in all storytelling – but how do we pose gripping, genuine problems for our characters? In this workshop, students will explore different kinds of story conflict, and will learn how to shape an un-put-down-able plot via several short, fun writing exercises.

Topics Covered

• What is story conflict? What do we mean when we talk about a character’s wants and goals?
• What are the different kinds of story conflict? What examples from fiction (books, movies and TV) do we know?
• What questions can we ask of our characters in order to make our story conflict genuine and gripping?
• How do we use what we know about our characters to craft page-turning plot twists?
• The ‘story mountain’ – what it is, and how can it be driven by our characters.

Delivery Platform

Zoom, but may be modified to suit the school’s preferred delivery platform.

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